Planet Ice Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

2300 Rocket Way, Coquitlam, B.C.  V3K 6Z2    Ph: (604) 552-8898     Fax: (604) 552-8028

Treatment Fees:


  Private Fees/ Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries:

  Initial Assessment and Treatment: $65.00
  Subsequent Treatment: $60.00

 Vestibular Therapy:

 Initial Assessment with Treatment: $120.00

 Subsequent Treatments: $80.00

 ICBC User Fees:
 *Initial Assessment and Subsequent Treatments: $30.00

 *Vestibular Assessment (through ICBC): $94.80

 *Vestibular Subsequent Treatment (through ICBC): $56.40

 *Treatment must be pre-approved by ICBC to qualify for this type of coverage

    if treatment is started more than 60 days after the accident. 

 MSP Premium Coverage (Low Income Persons/ Families):
 Initial Assessment and Subsequent Treatments: $20.00/ max. 10 per calendar year

 WorkSafeBC (Treatment for Work-Related Injuries):
 No fee/ Full coverage
 *Treatment must be pre-approved by WSBC to qualify for this type of coverage

**All payments can be made using VISA, Debit, Cheque or Cash**